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Levi and Camille

Carefree Financial Group is our risk-management side of the business including annuities, life insurance, disability coverage, financial planning, and long-term care planning. Our affiliation with LifeMark Securities Corp. enables us to work alongside our clients in investment planning, as they partner with National Financial Services LLC, a Fidelity Investments Company. We run a full-service financial planning business that offers an extensive amount of options for companies and products to find you the best solutions to meet your goals.

Our mission is to serve our clients at the highest personal level and to know your individual situation so we can work together to help you and your family realize your goals and dreams by making solid decisions.

Our Team

Levi Johnson

Levi William Johnson

Welcome! My name is Levi William Johnson and after spending over 37 years as a financial advisor with a national firm in investment and insurance business, I have recently launched my own firm, Carefree Financial Group, alongside my daughter, Camille. With an extensive knowledge base, strong integrity, and years of experience, I specialize in creating financial plans for individuals, families, and small businesses. It has been my passion to help guide clients through inevitable life changes with purpose driven financial planning. The most rewarding part of my career has been to connect with others and create financial strategies that are unique to them to help them achieve their goals and dreams. When I am not working, you can almost always find me outside dirtbike riding, mountain biking or horseback riding! I also play an active role with my church and as part of my ministry, I work with men in various stages and circumstances in their lives.

Camille Johnson Toschi

My name is Camille Johnson Toschi and I began working as an administrative assistant in June 2020 and became a licensed financial advisor in March 2021. I grew up working with my dad during the summers between college semesters, and I was able to learn about the business. After graduating Arizona State University in December 2018 with degrees in Marketing & Management, I worked in the hospitality industry for a year and a half. It is an amazing blessing to get to work with family every day and I look forward to continuing to learn from my dad. I love working with our clients that we are now approaching 3 generations with. In my spare time, I enjoy trying new restaurants with my husband, Michael, spending time with my friends and basking in the Arizona sun!

Camille Toschi


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